Interface for a health insurance app
How we worked on the health insurance app for Sovcombank — now you have policy information, checkups and more options are at your fingertips.
Many insurance companies offer VHI to their clients. Sovcombank insurance department also has such one service. And with the help of a mobile app a patient can make an appointment in a couple of clicks — moreover, his visit history and insurance information will always be at his fingertips.
Our task

To develop an application interface and an identity for Sovcombank health insurance application, to make it convenient and modern.

Preparatory phase

Before we started, we put all the inputs together — the client shared the following information with us:

functional requirements — how the application interacts with the user;


the application map or user flow — visualization of the user’s transitions through the sections of the application;


successful references.

Stage 1:
Studying medicine trends and developed a design concept

First of all our team studied what is happening in the field of health-tech. We were able to identify the following trends:

Medical services rarely use «medical» symbols

Medical services try not to use complicated terms and avoid traditional medical symbols in design.

Focus on the user

The application should help the user to obtain a service quickly, keep personal data and examination results confidential and be user friendly for people of all ages.

We made these principles the basis of our work on the application: so we developed an intuitive structure, chose a suitable color scheme in order to put bright accents in the interface — with their help we can control the user’s attention.

Basic functions are always at your fingertips

We chose a block structure for the app — it can be really useful in spliting complex content into small and logically connected blocks, therefore making it easier to navigate the app and more intuitive.

The user is greeted by a splash screen with animation, then the app prompts the user to sign in with a phone number. After these two steps the user goes to the homepage.

The main page has become the center of navigation — from it the user can easily navigate through the main sections of the application and also go deeper through the necessary information.

Stage 2:
Developing the app’s logo

At the start we had several concepts for a logo, but in the end we settled on a lifeline image:

The state of our health is life itself, and the metaphor of our life is a winding path.


Another association is the heartbeat: we can feel it, see cardiac activity on the screen of a medical device in the form of a pulsating line.


All in all we summarized all the associations into a single graphic symbol.

Step 3:
Creating a mascot

The app mascot is a branded character that introduces the user to the sections and functions. To create a striking mascot image for the Sovcombank Insurance app we took the robot image from the Qbert game and combined it with smart gadgets like Apple Watch or Garmin, which monitor heart rate and number of steps, remind us about vitamin intake, analyze sleep quality and even blood oxygen saturation.

Our results

While working on the app, we made from app’s homepage the navigation center and developed a block structure for the app, prepared customer journey map and layouts for the four sections — separately for iOS and Android:

Authorization and registration.
Home screen.
User profile.
Franchise activation.

We are currently continuing to create CJM and layouts for the rest of the app’s features.

Also we created a mascot that will become the main guide for users, making it easier for them to navigate and adding positive emotions to their application experience.

In addition, we have developed a UI-kit, which we will improve. The project is alive and new ideas are emerging as we work: for example, we’re thinking about connecting stories to highlight important information or developing an «I don’t know who to make an appointment with» function for those who can’t decide which doctor to go for an appointment.
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