From a blog on Tilda up to a full-fledged site: a new look of the football club «Spartak» Kostroma
We have developed a new site for the football team, which is completely different from those of the majority of other teams, from the very beginning.

In 2022 we got a request from the football club «Spartak» Kostroma. The club had got a professional status before the beginning of a new season, thus, the managers decided to focus on its promotio

The Task: to make an image site for the football club

The site was supposed to be the main source of the club’s promotion, which, as was planned, should have helped to gain higher positions for the club in the Second League.

The main functions of the future resource:
introduce the team to the fans
give the schedule of the coming matches
get the partners and sports organizations interested
sell souvenirs with the team’s symbols (merch)

PR team has already used the constructor on Tilda for this purpose. It is definitely a good solution when someone needs to make a simple landing quickly or a simple site without special designer skills. However, the client was planning to make a complex site with additional services. Moreover, it is hard to add non-standard designer solutions on Tilda because the site becomes too heavy and it takes a long time to load it, which is problematic for users. Even in this case when you choose to use a website builder and make a site with its help, the client will need to hire designers and developers.

The client decided to hire a professional team for the project and chose us to develop the site. The task was set. The site should have had an image task and that is why it should have been fashionable and eye-catching. The second priority was to make the site user-friendly for all age groups.

The final structure included several sections:

the team — with photos and brief information about each player


the history of the club


the schedule of the coming matches


the information about the stadium


the internet shop where you can buy merches or issue a fan card


the contacts for partners and press-services of sports organizations.


We were interested to work on a project like this. We had some experience making sites for different clients but that was the first time we collaborated with a football club.

The Solution: to develop a site from the beginning using a reliable stack of technologies

The aim was to launch the site quickly, which is why the project was divided into two releases:

The basic version of the site with general sections (about the team, the club, and the stadium). 1,5 months for making layout and analysis, 2 months for development, 3 weeks for testing.
The complex sections, such as a shop and fans cards.
Step 1. We analyzed the sites of other football clubs
We researched and monitored various sites of Russian football teams as well as some European clubs. We were sure we would get many good examples and models. Nevertheless, in reality, it was absolutely different.

We identified common problems of the football sites:

The main disadvantage of the foreign clubs is an old-fashioned design. They are mostly archaic and have a lot of useless information


Russian football sites have another problem. They are overloaded with banners. As a result, 30% of the site is the content and 70% is an advertisement of entertaining events or invitations to visit shops.


We have analyzed 30 sites of different clubs and have chosen 3 examples to set as a reference. They are Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus. Best of all we liked the site of Juventus which has both a good design and a structure. The materials are logically structured, the content is relevant, the design is eye-catching.

Step 2. We developed MVP — the basic version of the site

There are two ways to make a site either to take a ready-made CMS, like WordPress, and add plugins or to make everything by yourself. We chose the second way because the site will be developed in the future whereas ready-made solutions have restrictions.

A web version was built using the React and PHP Laravel frameworks whereas the mobile version was based on React Native. A database was created using PostgreSQL.

We made a special web page for content editors so that they can change the data on the site. For example, they can upload a new photo of a player and add some descriptions or change the address and the number of seats in the section «Stadium».

All the technologies chosen make the site adaptive. There is no need to worry about how everything will work similarly on all devices. We created a layout that is easy for imposing and the final version was exactly as designers planned it to be.

— Alexander Kudinov, art-director NEOTECH

During the preparation and development stages, we faced minor problems. The club didn’t have any employees who could set the technical task for us. We involved our analysts and they were directly communicating with the client and then formed the requirements and specifications for the software. It took about a month to set the detailed technical requirements and choose the stack of technologies for the project.

The Result: 4 months for a new site and the prototypes for the next release
In December 2022 MVP of the site came into work. It included information about the club and the players as well as the schedule of the coming matches. PR team members can edit the content by themselves, such as adding text and uploading photos to the specially created web page.

In 2023 we are starting the second part of the project. We’re making a shop with merches, payments, and fans’ registration.

In order to present and agree on the project we prepared animated prototypes and showed parallax scrolling mechanics. The client was able to see the site in a real- life mode.

If you need to have a ready-made site, contact NEOTECH even if you are not a football club:)
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